Homer Alaska Homes


Homer is located at the end of the Sterling Highway on the majestic Kachemak Bay.

Not only is Homer surrounded by Alaska’s beautiful scenery which showcases gleaming mountains, pristine waters, volcanic views and an abundance of wildlife……this town offers many attractions for local and tourist visitors for the True Living Alaska Experience.

One can enjoy deluxe accommodations from quaint beachside hotels, a leisurely art walk through downtown galleries, gourmet bites from the fine dining restaurants and bungalows, as well as exploring the eco side of Alaska by visiting the Alaska Islands and visitor’s center.

OR one can take a kayaking expedition through the remote waters of Kachemak Bay to visit the uninhabited surrounding forests, partake in an Alaskan bear tour, extreme mountain biking across the bay, or you can charter a boat and spend a day extreme fishing like you are on “Deadliest Catch”.

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